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iPhone Photos Importing Sideways

My photos are uploading turned 90 degrees counterclockwise. They are in the correct position in the memory location but when imported they are off by 90 degrees. Is this a setting in the import tool?

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Thank you for contacting Simsol Support. Simsol does not have a function that will rotate a user's photos after the user imports them. Simsol simply mounts the desired photos as-is. Based on what you're describing, it sounds as though the photos which appear in Simsol as "rotated" were taken as such (landscape vs. portrait).

I assume the reason in which you're seeing these correctly when viewing them through Windows Explorer or a Windows gallery is because Windows, as well as many photo programs, offer auto-rotation features where an algorithm is used to recognize the "proper" orientation for ease of viewing.

Below is a link to the Windows auto-rotation featuring being discussed on the Microsoft forums (I believe there are some instructions to disable this feature here as well if you wish):

Windows photo viewer auto rotate

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