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My Coverage is not showing on SOL (Statement of Loss)

I have entered the single coverage for a building, but the estimate says it is not entered and I cannot complete my SOL. How do I fix this?

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In order to have a coverage apply to an Estimate, you must first make sure a few things are done. First, you must create the coverage from the Cover button in the Loss Information Section. Once you've created the coverage, you must apply it to the Estimate. Go to the Estimate in question, with the padlock icon, and check 'Use Coverage Information'. From the drop down list below, select the coverage you have created.

Your coverage should now be applied. From here, go to the Totals Page and select the SOL button. If the coverage has not yet applied press the 'Copy All' button towards the top left of the screen.

Follow this guide to ensure your coverages are applied properly to your estimate: Solution for: Coverages aren’t applying to my estimate

Please let us know if you need any assistance with the processes above.

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