If you're seeing an error message referencing an Open Table Name: CWPrintQueue.db, the issue you're having is related to Claimswire and it's queue to send claims up to the service. No worries, it's easy to resolve!

To fix this, you'll want to start by closing out of Simsol and any error messages up on your screen. Right-click on your Simsol icon and select 'Open File Location' (alternatively, you can navigate to C:\Simsol\Desktop\).

In the window that appears, find and open a file named 'RepairCWPrintQueue'. 

Select 'Repair' when the utility launches and let the process run through until you're prompted with 'Reset Complete'. 

Select 'Ok' and re-open your Simsol program.

This will have resolved this issue for you and you should now be able to upload claims to Claimswire without error.