To begin, the system contains two (2) ways of importing a Digital Photo into the Simsol Claim file: New Image or Thumbnail Import. 

Importing Multiple Photos Using ‘Thumbnail Import’ (Preferred Method)

  • With the proper Claim file displayed in the Claim Enclosure Tree, Click ‘Photo Import’ from the Main Menu or Digital Photos  from the Claim Enclosure Tree (see below).

  • Click on the ‘Thumbnail Import’  located on the Digital Photo Module. The Simsol Photo Preview Screen is then displayed.

(Example of Simsol Photo Preview Screen)

  • Click the ‘Browse’ icon to access the photo location of the desired claim photos. When browsing for your image location, you’ll want to note you will not be selecting the images themselves, only the folder they are residing in. Hit ‘OK’ once folder is selected.

(Example of the Simsol Photo Preview Screen/Browse Selection Icon)

(Example of the Simsol ‘Select Image Folder screen)

  • Click ‘Show Pics’   to activate the Thumbnail Previewer. The Thumbnail Preview will allow you to view all available digital photos before you import them into a claim. To expand the view of the image before import, Double Click on the photo from the Image Previewer / Thumbnail view which displays the ‘Image Information’ screen OR click on the desired photo file name.

  • ’Import’places a checkmark in the Import Box to signal it’s a image needing to be pulled into this claim.

  • Add a comment or use a the
  • Click ‘Next’  icon to enter the next photo screen and continue or just click ‘Done’ to exit the Photo Previewer. 
  • An alternative method is to use the ‘Select All’  icon to mark all photos from the Photo Previewer for import into the claim file without adding comments.
  1. ‘Select All’ Icon from the Photo Previewer screen.
  2. All photos will have a check box associated to the photos.
  3. Uncheck any unwanted photos 
  • Finally click the ‘Import’  icon to activate the import function.

Importing a Single Photo Using ‘New Image’

  • With the proper Claim file displayed in the Claim Enclosure Tree, Click Digital Photos from the Claim Enclosure Tree. (see below)

  • Select New Image . The Digital Imager Screen is then displayed.  Select ‘New’ Photo
  • Click Open Image  . The Photo Browse Screen is displayed 

(Example of Open/Browse Screen)

  • Select ‘Look in’   and browse to the desired folder where your digital photos are located. Select the desired photo and select ‘Open’. The photo will then be added to the claim file. Do not forget about selecting the Date Taken field box. At this time, you may also apply the Image Comments to the photo
  • Click ‘Done’  to complete importation of a single photo into Simsol Program. The photo will be added to the Ungrouped Photos Screen