Sorting Alphabetically

  • Once photos are renamed, it’s a good idea to make sure they are properly ordered. Sorting alphabetically allows you to keep photos organized and easy to find. To do this, right click in the ‘Ungrouped Images’ section and select ‘Sort alphabetically’.

Sorting into Areas

  • In order to group the photos into particular areas, select the appropriate estimate from the ‘Estimates’ section in the upper right-hand corner.

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\changeEstimate.jpg

  • The areas you have created for the selected estimate will now appear in the ‘Area Listing’ section below. At least one area must be created prior to this step in the ‘Scope of Damage’ section of

    the claim in order for you to sort. 

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\area1.png

  • View photos that are currently unsorted in the ‘Ungrouped Photos’ section.

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\ungrouped.png

 (An example of photos in the Ungrouped Photos section of Digital Photos)

  • View photos that have been assigned to an area in the ‘Area Photos’ section.

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\area.png

(Photo in the Area Photos section)

Quick Tip:

  • To Show/Hide an area, click the ‘Show’ C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\collapsedown.png or ‘Hide’ C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\collapseup.png button for that particular area.
  • To Show/Hide ALL areas, click the ‘Show’ or ‘Hide’ button to the right of ‘Area Photos’.

Selecting Photo(s) in Order to Sort

  • To select a single photo, left click on the image you wish to select. A selected photo will appear with a blue border around it. This can be done in either the ‘Ungrouped Photos’ section or any area in the ‘Area Photos’ section. 

(A selected photo in the Digital Photos section of Simsol)

  • There are various methods for selecting multiple photos. This can be done in both the ‘Ungrouped Photos’ section and any area in the ‘Area Photos’ section.

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\mult.png

(When multiple photos are selected, there will be a blue border around them)

  • Holding the Ctrl key, multiple photos can be selected by individually clicking on each photo you want to be selected. This option allows you to select multiple photos individually.      

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\cntrl.png

(Image #1, Image #2, and Image #3 selected by individual Ctrl clicks)

  • Holding the Shift key, multiple photos can be selected by clicking a photo and then clicking on another photo. Contrary to the Ctrl key method, all of the photos in between the two photos you have clicked will also be selected. 

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\shift.png

(Image #3 and #2 were clicked holding Shift. Photo 3 also selected by using this method)

  • All of the photos in a particular section can be selected by right clicking in the empty white space of ‘Ungrouped Photos’ or any area in the ‘Area Photos’ section. From here select the menu option, ‘Select All’. This will highlight all of the photos in that section. You may also select a single or multiple photos using a mouse click/drag method. 

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\mouse.png

(Images are selected via clicking and dragging the mouse)

  • Click and hold down in the white space around the photo(s) you want to select. While holding drag the mouse over the photo(s) you want to select. Release the mouse to select the photo(s).

Sorting from Ungrouped Photos to a Particular Area

  • Select an Image in the ‘Ungrouped Photos’ section. Then click on the photo and drag it to the corresponding area. Release the mouse to move the photo to the appropriate area. 
  • The opposite action also works. You may drag and drop a photo from any area to any other. 
  • You may also drag and drop multiple photos in the same manner.

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\dragNdrop.png

(Sort photos to a different area within Simsol)

Sorting within the Same Area

  • There are four methods to sort photos within the same area of the Digital Photo Section.
  • Right click in the empty white space of ‘Ungrouped Photos’ or any area in the ‘Area Photos’ section. 

C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\rcMenu.png

  • Click ‘Sort Alphabetically’  C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\alpha.png
    • As covered in an earlier section for Ungrouped Photos, right clicking in a particular area will sort all the photos in the selected area by alphabetical order.
  • Click ‘Sort Area’   C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\sort1.png
    • The ‘Sort Photographs’ window will pop up. On this screen you can drag and the photos in order, as well as zoom C:\Users\DougG\Desktop\new photo section\zoom.png the photos.   
  • You may also drag and drop the photos into position on any of the area sections in the Digital Photos section.