If you're getting an error referencing the 'BDE' or Borland Database Engine while accessing Simsol, it's likely one of two things have occurred. Either your computer does not have the BDE installed, or you may have multiple instances of Simsol or Simsol Products open. To determine your issue, ask yourself two questions:

Has Simsol ran without errors in the past on this computer?

If it has, it's likely that your system just has a Simsol product currently running and needs to be closed before it can be re-launched. You'll want to close out of Simsol, Warehouse, Claimswire, and SimDrive (SFWProp, Simsol Warehouse Upload, CwUploader, Updater, etc). If you're unable to see any of these processes running, you may want to try closing out of them via your Windows Task Manager. 

You should then be able to relaunch Simsol without error. If the problem persists, we recommend doing a quick restart of your computer to ensure all processes have closed. Should this error persist, please give our support team a call at 1 (800) 447-4676 or submit a ticket to correct this issue.

Is this error occurring on a new computer/new copy of Simsol?

If this is a new install, it's likely your system does not have the BDE installed on this computer. To fix this, Save and Run the BDE Install from Simsol and as a precaution, rerun download or update that you used to get Simsol on your computer. You should then be able to open your Simsol program without issue.