Creating Vaulted or Cathedral Ceilings is very easy in Simsol. Both areas are treated exactly the same way but with addressing the Peak Location along the Length Wall.

Vocabulary for Vaulted or Cathedral Ceilings:

Peak Location of Zero is always a Vaulted Ceiling while any measurement between the two length measurements is always a Cathedral Ceiling.

Length - When inputting the length of the main area, use the dimension that runs parallel to the slope or vault or the wall with triangle on it. 

            ☆ Tip: Walking into a Room with a Cathedral Ceiling look for the wall with the triangle and that is your ‘Length Wall’

Height – Lowest part of the ceiling

V/C Height – Highest part of the ceiling

Peak Location - Along the length wall

            ☆ Tip: When doing a Vaulted Ceiling your Peak Location can be the total length of the are or zero. 

Taking Proper Measurements:

To locate length wall; Run your tape measure along the length wall until you find the high point of the ceiling i.e., ridge board. The dimension on the tape is the Peak Location along the length wall. 


  1. Check ‘Area is Vaulted’ 

  2. Determine the Length Wall – Hint: Length Runs Parallel to Slope 

  3. Determine Width Wall

  4. Determine the Height -  Hint: Lowest Part of the Ceiling

  5. Determine the V/C Height – Hint: Highest Ceiling Height

  6. Determine Peak Location along the Length. 

  7. Vaulted Ceiling always has a Peak Location of Zero. 

  8. Cathedral is in between the two measurements i.e. 0 and 21’7”     

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