Simsol provides an easy way for users to update not only their versions of the program but also quarterly pricing and monthly tax updates. It is recommended by Simsol Support to temporarily turn off any antivirus or firewall prior to updating to prevent conflicts from occurring. 

Updating with the Auto-Updater

The easiest method of updating your program is through the auto-updater that will open with Simsol. The screen will look similar to the image shown below:

To update, you will check all updates you would like to run and hit ‘Update Now’. This will prompt the update to begin. Once complete, Simsol will automatically open so you can get back to your claims.

Updating within Simsol

Should you like to update after Simsol is open, or if you’d just like to make sure you are on the latest version, you can check for updates by going to your ‘Help’ tab and selecting the ‘Check for Updates’ button.

If you are up-to-date, you will receive a message stating so. If you have updates available, you will be prompted with a Simsol Updater window. Check the updates you’d like to run and hit ‘Update Now’.  

The update process will begin shutting down Simsol and Simsol related processes. Once complete, Simsol will reopen. 

Updating from

We also provide a way for you to update Simsol from your MySimsol account online. Through this account, you can access not only the latest updates but also the many archived downloads that Simsol has provided in the past. These archived downloads may assist with old claims that must be written on a particular database. Please make sure Simsol and all Simsol processes are closed prior to running any updates from MySimsol.


When you’ve logged into, you’ll see the Downloads option on the left-hand side of the page. When you select Downloads you’ll see a full list of all downloads available to you.


The download page will look similar to below. Find and click on the download you wish to run.


Note: Older downloads are viewed by selecting the blue ‘archived downloads’ link.

Once you’ve selected the correct download, the download process will begin. Most internet browsers will show the download saving at the bottom of the page like so:

Once it’s completed, click the update to begin the process. You’ll want to allow the update in any manner your computer may prompt.

You’ll select ‘Install Now’, ‘Continue to Install’, ‘Yes’, and ‘Okay’ to any screens that may appear. Once the update is complete, you may reopen Simsol.