Often, similar losses will have the same list of scopes in every area. To make the adjuster’s job easier, Simsol allows the adjuster to create Macros for those scopes. A Macro is a list of scopes that are stored in Simsol and recalled in each area that has the same damages. Macros can be made for water, fire, smoke, mold and hail losses for example. 

If you haven't already, learn how to create a macro >


Here's how you can run, or apply, a Macro to an estimate 

  1. Open up the correct claim and select the desired area where you would like to run the macro to.

  2. Click the speed button named ‘Macro’ located on the top bar from either in the VSS View, List View or Manual View.

  3. When selected, the list of available Macros is displayed

  4.  Select the Macro to use and click ‘Done’.

    1. The Macro Window comes up with two choices. The adjuster can run the Macro using the original area’s “% Affected” and “Item Height” or using the default settings of the current area.

  5. Check the appropriate box and select the ‘Accept’ button.

  6.  If one of the boxes is not checked, you will be required to accept each scope item one-by-one.  That’s all there is to it for creating and running macros in your estimate.