Claim Drawers will help you organize all claim files created and stored in the system. Claim drawers will also allow you to set up auto-numbering of claim files and set default pricing and location factors. Think of them as virtual filing cabinets, as time goes on, you’ll find your preferred organization method - whether it be by claim type, months, years, or status of claim - it’s completely up to you!

It's important to note that Claim Drawers must be set up prior to creating your first claim in Simsol.

Creating a Claim Drawer

To create a Claim Drawer, click the 'New Drawer' icon located in speed button bar at
the top of the screen. You must be on the Home Tab in order to see the 'New Drawer'

The system will display the new Drawer Properties screen. (shown below)

Naming and Using Claim Drawers

Enter the name of your new drawer at the upper-left side of the screen. You'll call this drawer
'My First Claims'. You can create as many Claim Drawers as you wish as this will help you
organize your claim files more efficiently. You will want to name your Claim Drawers in a way
that will help you know which claims are contained in each Claim Drawer. Some examples of
Claim Drawer names might be: 'Flood Claims', 'Mobile Home Claims', or 'Open Claims'.

Setting Default Pricing and Locations for Drawers (Drawer Preferences)

To help save time, you can also set the default pricing database and location for a Claim
Drawer, which will automatically implement the chosen database, pricing table and location for
every claim created in that drawer. Right click on the drawer you’ve just created and select ‘Drawer Properties’. Alternatively, you can highlight the drawer and select the ‘Properties’ button on the Speed Button Bar.

When opened, you’ll note the four speed buttons in the upper left corner of the Drawer Properties screen. Select the Building DB button for Building Database. Simsol will automatically select the Complete Building Repair database and display the most current GPT (Global Pricing Table) for pricing.

Click ‘Done’ and Simsol will automatically select the next button ‘Building Factors for Building
Location Factors’ for you. Seeing as this is simply a quick start guide, we’ll move on to the next stage.

Click ‘Done’ and then ‘Yes’ in the next window. Repeat this with the Contents DB (Contents
database) and Contents LF (Contents Location Factors).

Now click ‘Done’ to save the new information. The Claim Drawer name will appear in the User
Drawers section as seen in the Claims Grid. You can create as many Claim Drawers as necessary to better organize your claim files. 

Now that you have successfully created a Claim Drawer, you are ready to create a new claim! 

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