To create a new Claim File, click the ‘New’ claim speed button located in the top left corner of the screen, you must be on the Home Tab in order to see the ‘New’ claim icon. If this icon is grayed out, please make sure you have a drawer created, and that the drawer is highlighted.

Using the Claim Setup Wizard

The Claim Setup Wizard allows you to create your claim with ease. Filling out the claim information here will allow all claim data to be correctly inputted into the correct fields. It’s important to know, all information entered in this screen can be entered after the claim has been created, so if you forget to enter or don’t know specific data when running through the wizard don’t worry too much.

The Claim Setup Wizard is displayed after clicking the ‘New’ claim speed button. The first
screen displayed offers us some choices for the type of claim you're about to write.

(Excerpt of Claim Setup Wizard)

Let's create a Homeowner's Claim File. After you select the Claim File type, you are prompted for a file name. For practice sake, let's call this Claim HO-1234.

Select ‘OK’ to begin entering information into the Claim Setup Wizard.

Loss Information Screen

The first screen of the Homeowner's Claim Setup Wizard contains the Loss Information for all of the important parties involved with the claim. Fill out as much information as possible on this screen because much of the information found here will be used elsewhere in the claim.

(Claims Setup Wizard Screen 1)

The first wizard screen contains some fields that access the information stored in the contact
manager. You may enter information in these fields by simply typing in the information or, if the
person or entity is in your system's contact manager, you may click on the drop down arrow
button to display a list of available contacts.

Simply click on the contact's listing to enter the information into the claim, or use the Tab key to
cycle through the fields and fill out the rest of the information. Do not use Enter key to fill out field boxes.

When all information is filled out, select ‘Next’ or use your enter key to advance to the second screen of the Homeowner's Claim Setup Wizard.

Policy Information Screen

The second screen of the Wizard contains fields for the Policy Information. Enter a date for the
'Policy Start' and press the Tab key. The system automatically fills out a date one year after for
the Policy End date. You may also fill out the type of policy, deductible and coverage limits for
the policy. Be sure to fill out the amount for each coverage. This is how the Simsol
Wizard will automatically create the individual estimates.

(Claims Setup Wizard Screen 2)

After you have entered all relevant policy information, click ‘Next’ or press the enter key to
advance to the third screen in the Homeowner’s Claim Setup Wizard.

Estimate Information Screen

The third screen contains the factors for the claim. This is where the Databases, Global Pricing Tables, and Location Factors are displayed. Note that the system has automatically selected the Database and Global Pricing Table that was set in the Drawer Properties when you created the drawer. You can use the drop down buttons or the speed buttons to change the Database, GPT or Location Factors. Also note that the Location Factors have been automatically selected based on the first three digits of the loss location zip code.

(Claims Setup Wizard Screen 3)

From the Estimate Information screen you may also enter or select a predefined Depreciation Table. Since you have not set up any depreciation tables in the system, we can move on from this screen. Click ‘Next’ to advance to the final screen of the new Claim Setup Wizard.

Wizard Exit Screen

(Claims Setup Wizard Screen 4)

The last screen is a navigational screen. To return to your Claim Drawer, click on the

‘Return to Claims Grid’ option and then click ‘Finish’. The system closes the Setup Wizard and

displays your Claim Drawer with your newly created claim displayed in the list.

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