Starting your Building Estimate

Let us get started with the Building Estimate since this is where you’ll be spending most of your time. The Building Estimate component has 3 modules; the Building Estimate Information Screen with the padlock, the Scope of Damage screen, and the Total Page. Click the ‘Scope of Damage’ screen, you will begin here. This screen is where you will create
your Building Estimate’s areas.

Adding an Estimate Area

There are three types of structures that can be created within the Scope of Damage:

  1. An Area - a three dimensional area such as a living room (L x W x H)

  2. A Roof - a roof that is flat or two-dimensional (calculated by shape)

  3. An Elevation - which is also flat or two-dimensional (L x H, by shape)

Let’s start by creating a standard room such as a bedroom or living room. Click the ‘Area’ button
to create the new area. This will display the Area Component Entry screen.

Area Component Entry - Entering Dimensions

(Area Component Screen)

You may either type in the name of the area or you may select the name from the dropdown list. Simsol will automatically fill in the name of the area as you type. Once you've named the area, press your tab key to begin filling out the main dimensions of the area.

Dimensions may be entered by typing in a whole number for a dimension with no 'inches'. If
both feet and inches are required type the number of feet, press the spacebar once, then type
the number of inches. For instance, for a measurement of 18’3” type 18 (SPACE) 3.

Press the tab key after the dimensions are entered to confirm the entry and move to the next
entry field. As you can see, the system has automatically entered the feet and inches symbols
to your measurements. 

To enter an offset, closet, or other area component, click the corresponding speed button at the top of the screen. Dimensions are entered for components the same way as in the Main Area.

We're done with this area now. Click ‘Done’ to save the area and it's offset component.

You will now be returned to the Scope of Damage screen and your newly created area will be
displayed. Once your area has been created, you can continue creating areas until you have completed all the rooms that will need line items. Areas can also be copied or cloned (clone is two areas or more) by using the 'Copy' and 'Clone' speed buttons found at in the speed bar.

Deleting an area can be done by either right clicking on the area you wish to delete and
selecting the delete option, or by highlighting the desired area and then selecting the 'Delete' speed button found on the speed button bar. The 'Group' button allows you to combine multiple areas into a single group for better organization. This is a useful tool when writing an estimate on multi-family properties, townhomes, or apartment complexes.

If you decide that you need to change the dimensions of a room or area that you have already

created, highlight the desired area by single clicking the room and then select the 'Edit' button

in the speed button menu. This will display the 'Area Component Entry' screen once again which

allows you to alter or edit dimensions, closets, offsets, doors, etc.

Watch our video tutorial on this subject on YouTube >