Printing an Estimate

Click the 'Print' speed button located at the very top of the screen under the Home Tab.

After clicking the print speed button, the system displays the Global Print Screen. The Global
Print Screen gives you the option of printing one item or multiple items at one time. Simply
select the item to print from the Available Print Items list and send it to the Selected Print
Items list by clicking on the right arrow in the center. Multiple items can be selected and sent to
be printed using the right arrow.

After an item is selected and sent to the Selected Print Items list, choose the Print Options for
each selected print item by checking the appropriate boxes in the right panel.

For the Building Estimate, General Options are located near the top of the Print Options screen,
followed by the Estimate Cover Page options, Estimate Body printing options, Total Page, and

Appendices. Print Templates can be saved as a template for use later or in other claims. Use the
New button in the Print Group Templates pane in the lower left to do so.

When all items for the print have been selected and options chosen for each, click the Print speed button located in the top left corner. The system displays the ‘Report Setup’ window allowing you to print or preview the estimate; or you can generate a PDF file for easy file transfer.

(Report Setup Screen)

Generating a PDF

To generate a PDF document, select the PDF option, then click the 'Save As' button to the immediate right of the PDF option. Designate where you would like to store this PDF file, enter a filename, and click 'Save'. This will return you to the Report Setup screen, where you will click 'OK' to create the PDF file.

(Report Setup Screen - PDF)

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