Copying Photos, Attachments, Sketches, and Notes to Another Claim

Sometimes, you may need to copy your Photos, Attachments, Sketches, or Notes to another claim. Simsol allows you to copy these items from inside of one claim and import them into another.

Copying the Items

First, you want to navigate to the claim where you would be copying these items from. Click on the claim to highlight it, and then click the Show Highlighted Claim File button.

Next, in the Claim Enclosures tree on the left, right-click on the item you want to copy to another claim. In the example below, Digital Photos has been right-clicked on and shows a menu. From this menu select 'Copy to Clipboard'.

You will then see a prompt asking you if you are sure you want to copy the items. Click Yes.

Pasting the Items into another Claim

Now, click the Show Claims Grid button atop the Claim Enclosures Tree.

Next, navigate to the claim you want to import, or paste, these items into. Highlight the claim, and click the Show Highlighted Claim File button. Then, right-click on the item that matches the data you are trying to copy, in this case Digital Photos. A menu will appear. On that menu, choose 'Paste From Clipboard'.

You will see an additional prompt asking if you are sure you want to paste the items, select Yes. This will load the photos from the other claim into the Digital Photos section of this claim. This same method can be repeated with any of the aforementioned items: attachments, sketches, and notes.