To download a claim from Warehouse, right click on the Warehouse Icon (House with a Red Roof) and select 'Claim Search'

In the Warehouse Claim Search Window that appears you'll want to follow three steps:

1. Enter in at least one identifying term for your claim. This could be the Insured's Last Name, the Adjuster's Last Name, a Policy Number, or Claim Number

2. Set the Date Range of the Search. Remember the Default Date Range is based on the Date of Loss (this can always be changed

3. Select 'Find Now' to begin searching

Once the claim has been found, either right click and select 'Download Claim(s)' or double click to begin the download process. 

If you would like to download multiple claims, highlight multiple claims prior to right clicking and selecting 'Download Claim(s)'.

When finished, these claims will be located in your 'Inbox' of Simsol. You'll want to be sure you move them to a Claim Drawer prior to opening or editing the downloaded claim.