**Please be advised, Simsol's Clipboard is no longer supported.**

How to Set Up ClipBoard

Activating ClipBoard in Simsol

To begin using ClipBoard, you’ll first want to make sure you activate ClipBoard in your Simsol program so you will be able to send claims back and forth. To do this, open up your licensed Simsol copy and select the ‘Maintain’ tab at the top then select the ‘Preferences’ button. 

In your System Preferences screen, you’ll find a subcategory for ClipBoard located in the bottom left list. Select ClipBoard and fill in your MySimsol username and password. If you do not have a MySimsol account, you can create one for free by going to MySimsol.com/register. Once entered, select the ‘Activate Account’ button.

When you’ve successfully activated your account, you’ll see a new ClipBoard ID populate in the bottom right-hand corner. Select ‘Done’ when complete.

Setting Up ClipBoard on Your Tablet

If you have not done so already, download the ClipBoard application from your device’s app store. If you’re using an Android device click here, if you’re using an Apple device click here. Alternatively, you can search on your device’s app store for ‘Simsol’, the app icon will look similar to the one shown to the right.

Once downloaded, open the app and enter the same MySimsol information that you previously entered in your Simsol Preferences to log into your ClipBoard log in screen.

Once logged in, you’ll be asked which installation of Simsol you would like to pull claims from. Our team suggests leaving this at the default ‘All’ option for best results. Tap ‘Select’ when done. Seeing as you haven’t yet sent claims to your ClipBoard app yet, the app will look similar to the screenshot below when first accessing it. Now that we’re in, we can start sending claims. 

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