**Please be advised, Simsol's Clipboard is no longer supported.**

Sending Claims to Clipboard from Simsol

To send a claim from Simsol to ClipBoard you’ll want to start by opening your Simsol program and highlighting the claim you would like to send. Under the Home tab of Simsol, you’ll find a button labeled ‘Send’. This button will send the highlighted claim to your device. Only one claim can be sent at a time. When sending you’ll see a progress bar followed by a success message as shown below:

After selecting ‘Ok’ you can now open the app on your device and see the claim sent. If you do not see the claim, select the refresh icon to refresh your ClipBoard grid.  

You can then begin working on your ClipBoard App.

Uploading and Syncing your ClipBoard Claims

Once you’ve finished working on your claim in ClipBoard and you’re connected to a stable internet connection, go back to your claim view on your ClipBoard app. If you’re still inside of the claim, just select the return key until you see a screen that looks similar to the one below.

When ready, select the ‘Upload’ button and confirm you would like to proceed with the upload.

Once confirmed the upload process will begin. Please do not disconnect from internet service or close the ClipBoard app while this process runs through. When completed, the claim will disappear from your claim list view. Next we’ll sync this claim with your Simsol program.

Now the claim has been uploaded we’ll need to sync it with the one that is currently in your Simsol program. To do so, open up Simsol and locate the claim you’ve just uploaded in ClipBoard. With the claim highlighted, click on the ‘Sync’ button located under the ‘Home’ tab. A helpful tip for you to recognize claims that are currently still on ClipBoard is by checking the mobile column in your Claims Grid. In this grid you’ll see an upwards and downwards arrows - the green downwards arrow means that the claim was once on ClipBoard but is now successfully synced with Simsol. The blue upwards arrow  signifies that the claim is currently still on the ClipBoard service.

If you’re connected to a stable internet connection the sync process will begin. When finished you’ll receive a ‘Claim Downloaded’ prompt appear. 

You’re all set! 

You can now open your claim to review the photos, forms, notes, or loss information changes you have made.