**Please be advised, Simsol's Clipboard is no longer supported.**

Writing Forms in ClipBoard

In ClipBoard, you have the ability to generate Preliminary Reports, Advance Payment Requests, Non-Waiver Agreements, Preliminary Damage Assessments, and Contractor Overhead and Profit Affidavits. These reports have multiple types to choose from like NFIP Direct with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Numbers, Write Your Own (WYO) Non-Direct Carrier Flood, Mentor NFIP Direct with OMB, and Mentor WYO Carrier Flood. To get to these forms, go to your Claim Tile Grid and select the ‘Claim Forms’ button. 

First, select the Form Type you would like to use. Then select the form you would like to write. This guide will just walk through the basics of the NFIP Preliminary Report. The other forms share identical writing techniques.

If you have already entered your Loss Information within Simsol, the data will transfer onto this report. While it can not be edited on this screen, you won’t need to as it will auto-update when you fill out the information in Simsol later on.

You can then scroll down and begin entering the preliminary data. Check boxes, enter text, and add dates where prompted. If you notice red stars next to any data, that means it will be required for submittal to your carrier/company so you’ll want to be sure the information is entered and accurate.


When you reach the bottom use a stylist or just your finger to sign the document. Select ‘Scroll to Top’ then select your return key to go back to your forms list.  

When you return to your Form list, you can check the status of your reports. As you can see by the image below the check-mark will indicate the form is completed. If it is not complete, you will see a red X. Claims that are not completed will still import back into Simsol when sent back up. 

When finished, select the Return button to head back to your Claim Tile Grid.