**Please be advised, Simsol's Clipboard is no longer supported.**

Handling Claim Photos in ClipBoard

To start taking your photos, select the Photos button. When opened you’ll be able to select the ‘Add’ button to begin taking your photos. ClipBoard allows three options to import photos: from the Device Gallery, Camera, or through Quick Shot.

Here you can select which method you would like to use. 

A. Device Gallery will allow you to import photos you have already taken on your device into the app

B. Camera will allow you to take a single photo using your device’s camera

C. Quick Shot is the most commonly used and it allows you to add a set Prefix and Comment then multi-take photos one after another.


Seeing as the Quick Shot is the favorite method to use, it is the one we will walk through in this tutorial. Select ‘Quick Shot’ and fill in the Prefix and any comments you want to enter in then select ‘Start’. Your camera will activate and you can now start taking your photos. After taking each photo you may either ‘Retry’ to take the photo again or approve it by selecting ‘Ok’.

Once done, simply select your devices return key to view your Claim Photos.

If you need to edit comments, dates, or names select the photo you would like to edit to make changes. Be sure to select ‘Save’ when done to apply any changes made. When done, select the ClipBoard Return key located at the top of the app.