Introduction and System Requirements

Simsol is very simple to use and can be networked to allow multiple users to share, collaborate and manage a number of files at any given time. 

Simsol Networks are designed for company use - it is not recommended for users with one or two computers.

Before starting, we ask that you make sure that you are well versed in PC-based network environments and terminology. If you are not, please consider getting assistance from a qualified network administrator to ensure that you do not cause harm or damage to your existing network configuration or sensitive data stored within.

System Requirements

Windows 10
Windows 8 or 8.1 (Excludes RT Versions)
Windows 7
Windows Vista (All suites)
Windows XP (Pro, Home or Media Edition)
Windows 2003, 2008, 2016 Server
Novell NetWare 4.11 and later (With Long File Names Support)
PC with a 2.8 GHz microprocessor or higher
4 GB of DDR RAM or higher
At least 150MB of free hard disk space
SVGA or better screen display (minimum 800 x 600 resolution)
True Color Graphics

Possible Installation Conflicts

It is possible that other programs currently running could interfere with the installation of your Simsol Software. Applications such as an anti-virus, automated backup or network firewall can create conflicts, so it is recommended that you temporarily disable these items during the installation process to ensure that your installation executes properly.

It is also recommended that Microsoft’s User Account Control be temporarily turned off to prevent the Simsol installation from being hindered during the installation process. For more information on this, please perform a web search for: 'Disable UAC.'

Simsol 8 is not compatible with Apple products and therefore is not supported. Netbooks that have less than a 1024x768 resolution display capability are not compatible or supported.

After Downloading, follow this guide to Install and Set Up your Network >