Anytime you have data stored electronically, there’s a chance for failure. This is why we always recommend to our users to backup, backup, and backup. There are a variety of tools available now to auto-backup your claim data - but they must be configured properly to work. If you choose to auto-backup your files using a 3rd party program, be sure it’s set to backup your Simsol folder located on your C:\, and that it’s timed in a manner that it won’t interfere with your claim writing process (i.e. setting it to run at 3 am). If you choose one of the manual options available, be sure to store it in two ways - once via a physical drive like an external drive/flash drive, and the other using a cloud-based system (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox). This will ensure our team of support agents can get your data back as soon as possible for you should your Simsol data be lost.

Archiving / UnArchiving Claim Files

Simsol's Archive and Unarchive features allows you to send and receive claims from one copy of Simsol to another. It's also an important tool in backing up seeing as archiving allows you to save files locally to your computer. The files stored will be in Simsol's file format, SFZ. From here, the user can move the file to another copy of Simsol or send it to an external drive for safe keeping. Unarchiving allows you to import a previously created SFZ so that the claim may be worked within your Simsol program. Below are the steps to Archive and Unarchive a File: 

To Archive:

1. Highlight the claim(s) to Archive in the Claims Grid.
a. Archiving multiple claims is possible, we recommend no more than 25   claims per Archive.
2. From the Home Tab, Select 'Archive'.
3. On the Archive Screen, Select 'Browse' in the top left.
4. From this window, select the location that you want Simsol to save the SFZ file to. Type the desired name for the archive in the File Name field. Click 'Save'.
5. Click the Archive button in the top right of the Archive Screen.
6. The archive is now created in the location chosen above. 

To Unarchive:

1. From the Home Tab, Select 'Unarchive'
2. On the Archive Screen, Select 'Browse' in the top left.
3. From this window, browse to the location where the SFZ to import is stored. Highlight the file and click 'Open'.
4. Click the Unarchive Button in the top right of the Unarchive Screen.
5. The claims in the archive will now appear in the Inbox System Drawer
6. From here, move the claims to a User Drawer using the 'Move To' button on the Home tab.
7. The claims are now imported into Simsol and can be edited accordingly. 

Backing Up the Entire Simsol Program

Backing up your entire Simsol program folder will allow you to not only backup your claims, but also all of those preferences, pricing tables, macros, and other settings that you’ve created. This is a simple process that requires only an external drive - Simsol’s techs recommend doing this once a month manually, or once a week if you have an automatic backup program. In order to back up your Simsol program manually, navigate to the drive in your computer which contains the Simsol folder - this is normally the computer’s C:\ drive. 

Next, right-click the Simsol folder and in the menu that appears select ‘Copy’. Next, navigate to the external drive plugged into your computer, right click within the drive and hit paste. Depending on how much data is in your Simsol program, the process of copying into your external drive could take up to an hour to complete. Once the process has completed, your entire Simsol program will be backed up. If you ever have a hard drive failure or your computer is ever lost or stolen, our techs will be able to get you back up and running quickly.