What does Locking a Claim Do?

Locking a claim refers to highlighting a claim in the Claims Grid and clicking the 'Close' button on the Home tab. This action will remove the ability to change anything in the Scope of Damage and Estimate Preferences sections. Essentially, the claim will be locked down from any changes to the estimate. In the case of a supplement, or necessary change, you wouldn't be able to alter anything in the original claim. It is not recommenced to use this option unless it is absolutely necessary. 

Alternatives to Locking a Claim

Instead of using the 'Close' button to lock a claim, Simsol recommends entering the closed status in the Milestones section of the claim. This causes the Claims Grid to show the claim as closed, notated by the golden padlock icon under Status, but doesn't effect the estimate itself. Closing your claim in this manner will enable you to go back in the future and make any changes necessary.

To close the claim the proper way, first, highlight the claim in the Claims Grid and click the Show Highlighted Claim File button.

Next, under Loss Information in the Claim Enclosures Tree, click the Milestones button.

Enter the close date in the Date Closed field and click Done.

The claim is now closed, but not locked from changes. 

Unlocking a Claim 

If you have locked a claim, you will need to send us an Archive of the claim in order to unlock it. Please visit Open a Ticket to start the process.