You may receive this error when a claim file is older or using a pricing table or database that you no longer have downloaded into your program. 

This error should indicate which GPT it is trying to load (e.g. Complete Building Repair Registry 3rd Quarter 2017). There are two ways by which you can resolve this issue. 

The first, and preferred method, would be to note the GPT in the error message, close the Simsol program and then download and install the pricing table from the downloads page at You can also download older pricing tables by looking through our archived downloads page. Once installed, the file in question should then immediately open up without any further interaction.

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The other method would be to switch the estimate to a different pricing table, which you do have currently installed, from the "Database" screen located on the "Building Estimate Cover Page" (building estimate with the gold padlock in the tree).

If you continue having issues with this feature, contact our support team by either submitting a ticket or calling us at 1(800) 447-4676.