If your text is running together when printing, the issue is most likely related to the DPI or FONT settings on your system. 

This is something that we usually encounter when a user has their Windows font settings set outside of the 'Normal' or '100%' range.

You can most likely do a Google search for 'DPI Settings" or "Font Settings" along with your version of Windows to find a quick walk-through of how to adjust these. 

Here is a guide on changing these settings on Windows 10.

Typically, you'll want these set to Normal, Smaller, or 100%. On some occasions users have had success using the 'Larger' or 150% options. If the fonts are set to anything greater than 100% or less than 150% it will cause them to blow up and shoot outside of the defined margins on the forms.

After the settings have been adjusted, the system will require you to log off to take these settings. Once you've logged back in, check Simsol to see if this has fixed your issue. If not, submit a ticket to our support team so we can take a look.