If your policy's coverages aren't applying on your estimates, or you're not seeing values populating on your Statement of Loss (SOL), follow along with these steps to fix this issue.

1. Open your claim and navigate to your Loss Information Screen

2. Select the button labeled 'Cover' for Coverages and you'll be able to view your coverages that are created in this claim

3. Check through your coverages to verify your limits / deductibles / reserves are entered and correct. Then select 'Done'

4. Navigate to your Building Estimate Cover Page (with the paddlock icon next to it)

5. Make sure the check box 'Use Coverage Information' is checked then drop down in the drop down box below it and select the correct coverage

6. Repeat step 5 for your APS Estimate and Contents Inventory if you have them.

7. If you're working on populating Statement of Loss (SOL) figures, navigate to your Totals Page > SOL and select the 'Copy All' button to refresh your estimate values.