If you're receiving an error when importing your Contents Excel Spreadsheet, it's likely the document's contents have been inputted incorrectly. Below is a brief overview of how each column should be entered, and which type of figures are accepted. For a complete guide download the PDF tutorials at the bottom of this article.

Column A - Room: Keep room names consistent, and in order without line breaks.

Column B - Qty (Quantity): Use whole numbers, no decimals or letters will be accepted here. If you’re going to be calculating a box of items, or a pair of items, use a 1 to denote 1 box or 1 pair. 

Column C - Unit of Measure: Must be either EA for ‘each’ or PR for ‘pair’. Do not add any additional spacing, or any other wording in this section.

Column D - Item Description: Here is where you’ll enter in a brief description of the item.

Column E - Age Years: Age must be entered in whole numbers only. No decimals, full dates of purchase, or words allowed. If the item is say 6 months old, it must be entered as either 0 or 1 - speak to your adjuster if you are unsure of which to use.

Columns F, G, H, I, J - Comments, Make, Model, Serial #, and Purchased From: These fields are mandatory for electronics or other big ticket items. These are optional, but helpful fields for all other items. These can be filled out as you wish with text, numerical values, or links - just void adding any images in these columns. 

Column K - Estimated Unit Cost: You’ll enter here the cost per item described in Column D. This number will be multiplied by Column B’s value when brought into Simsol.

Columns L - Depreciation: This column can be left blank and a 'mass apply' can be added when importing. If you do choose to enter in a value here, it must be a whole number as a percent. (20%, 40%, 15%, etc)

Column M - Total Replacement Cost: This column will automatically be calculated for you when imported into Simsol, our support reps recommend leaving this entire column blank.

For complete guides:

Contents Excel for Adjusters

Use this guide as your personal reference to this material

Contents Excel Guide for Insureds

Send this guide with the Blank Excel you send your insured's to minimize incorrect entry of the fields.

Contents Excel Tutorial Video