Changing Estimate Pricing

Under the same Database, a Pricing Table can be changed, or updated, from the Estimate Preferences screen.

To do this, first, highlight the claim in the Claims Grid and click the Show Highlighted Claim File button.

Next, select the Estimate Preferences section, this is the section of the Claim Enclosures Tree that shows a golden padlock next to the Estimate Name.

Then, click on the Database button from the top of the Estimate Preferences section.

This will open the Global Pricing Table Selection window. Under Global Pricing Table, you will see the current pricing table for the estimate. 

Click the drop down list and select the pricing table you would like to change/update to. 

Finally, you will need to decide how to reflect these changes in your estimate. There are 5 options in the top left to handle this. 

Abort All Changes

This option will not complete any changes, leaving the pricing table as the original.

Update Only Line Items Not Overridden

This option will update all current Line Items in the Estimate that have not already been overridden. If a custom change was made to a Line Item, that item will remain unchanged. All items that were chosen directly from the Database will be updated to reflect the new pricing.  

Update All Items, Prompt for Overridden Items

This option will automatically update any Line Items that have not already been overridden. It will then prompt you asking how you would like to handle each individual overridden item.

Update All Line Items in This Estimate

This option will automatically update all Line Items in the Estimate, regardless of if they have been overridden.

Preserve Estimate Pricing and Switch To New Settings

This option will not update any current line items, leaving the original pricing intact. It will, however, cause any new items that are added to use the updated pricing table.

Finalizing and Location Factors

At this point, we are almost done changing/updating our pricing table. Once you have selected an option to reflect the changes, click Done in the top right.

This will then bring up the Location and Markup Factor Entry window. This screen will allow you to update the Location Factors for the Estimate. This is a separate component, so if all you are looking to do is update your Pricing Table click Done in the top right. 

After you confirm your selection, by clicking Yes, you may see the Global Change Progress window, depending on your selection. If you do, note the changes and click Done. 

The Pricing Table for this estimate has now been changed/updated.