Line Items and Specifications


To find what is included in the cost of a particular Line Item, you must look up the Specification Information for that item.

To do this, highlight the claim in the Claims Grid and click the Show Highlighted Claim File button.

Next, navigate to the Scope of Damage.


Then, highlight an Area and click the Scope button. This will bring up the Virtual Scope Sheet (VSS).

In the VSS, locate the drop down list in the top right. By default, it will display 'Entire Database'. It may also display, 'Scopes, 'Claim Data', 'Spec Info', or 'More Detailed Items'. Select the drop down and change it to 'Spec Info'. 

This will set the VSS to show you the Specification Information for any Line Item you highlight within the VSS. To view an item's Specification Information, click on the item in the VSS. On the right, you should see each Scope listed with the Specification Information for that item. In the example below, the Line Item is 'Wall Drywall on Wood Framing'. On the pane to the right, we can see the Spec Info for each scope, as previously mentioned. 

As you can see, the Spec Info lists what is included in the cost of the Line Item. Some items will state whether they include waste, or if an additional allowance is needed. If you have a particular question about a Line Item's Specification you may Open a Ticket.