The Valuation section was developed for adjusters and appraisers to quickly determine replacement costs for residential and commercial structures.

To create your first Valuation, open your claim and select the Valuation button located under the Claim Tab.

The Simsol’s Valuation Wizard consists of the following screens:

1. Valuation Information Screen

2. Building Type Screen

3. Building Information Screen

4. Building Components Screen

5. Construction Additions to the Building Screen

6. Building Systems and Equipment Screen

7. Valuation Summary Screen

You can navigate from section to section using the tabs along the top of the  Valuation screen, or by clicking the Next button in the lower right.

Valuation Information

Screen One of the Valuation Wizard is the Valuation Information screen. This screen contains data fields for the valuation estimate, property owner and insurance policy. Be sure to fill out all relevant information - especially the zip code as this will help Simsol price the I2V properly.

Building Type

Screen two of the Valuation Wizard is the Building Type Screen. This screen contains all the building models contained in the Valuation program. These models range from single family homes(residential) to chicken houses (agricultural). Accessing the type of structure (i.e. residential, commercial, etc.) is done by clicking one of the screen’s building description tabs located at the bottom of the screen.

Building Information

Screen three of the Valuation Wizard is the Building Information Screen. This screen contains data fields regarding the size, location and description of the building. You'll want to fill out the total area, how many units, how many stories, story height, quality of construction, year structure was built, and economic age. If your structure is more than 50 miles from an urban area, you'll also want to check the appropriate box.

Building Components

Screen four of the Valuation Wizard is the Building Components Screen. This screen displays the results of the information entered in the first three wizard screens. The system has taken all the information about the building and selected the model and pricing which most closely matches the description and information entered about the building. If you need to edit these prices for any reason, select the Description of the component to bring up your override screen.

Additions to the Building Screen

Screen five of the Valuation Wizard is the Additions-to-the-Building Screen. This screen enables adjusters and appraisers to add building additions to a main structure. Additions include construction-related items such as garages, basements, porches, decks, fences, etc.

Building Built-in Items Screen

Screen six of the Valuation Wizard is the Building Built-in Items screen. This screen enables adjusters and appraisers to add built-in items of different types to the main building structure. Built-ins include items such as heating and cooling systems, fireplaces and major appliances.

Valuation Summary Screen

The final screen of the Valuation Wizard, screen seven, is the Valuation Summary screen. The Summary screen displays the totals for the building components, additions and built-ins you have selected for your valuation. The Valuation Summary Display area combines the Building Component, Building Additions and Building Built-in items onto one display screen. All selected items for these three sections of the valuation are previewed here for viewing.

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