Opening Global Mode

Using Global Mode, will allow you to add, and edit, the same item in multiple Areas. This is incredibly useful for situations where multiple rooms contain the same item. For instance, if an entire dwelling is flooded, each area will need Flood Loss Cleanup. 

To open the Global Mode, you must first enter a claim. To do this, highlight the claim in the Claims Grid and click the Show Highlighted Claim File button.

Next, navigate to the Scope of Damage.


If you haven't already, create the Areas that you want to add items to. Then, click the Global button from the menu bar. You will now see the Global version of the VSS (Virtual Scope Sheet) open.

Adding an Item to Multiple Areas

Now that we've opened Global Mode, let's start by adding items to our Areas. The Global Mode VSS looks very similar to the regular VSS. Navigate to an item you want to add and choose a Scope. In the example below, you can see we are adding 'Replace Wall Drywall on Wood Framing'. 

By click the '2' button, we apply the Replace Scope to this item. In Global Mode, this will open to the Global Edit Window. This screen allows you to make modifications to the item you are about to add.

To add these items, we first have to decide what room(s) we want to put this item in. On the left you can see the Areas that have been created for your estimate. By default, they will all be selected, notated by a blue highlight. Click on the Areas to highlight them individually, use a Ctrl-click to select multiples, or the button at the bottom to Select All.


Once you have the appropriate areas selected, click the Add button.

This opens the Global Update Options pane. Click Ok.

The items are now ready to be added to the Areas. You can see the changes in totals at the bottom of the window. 

Click Done to add these items to the selected rooms.