Linking Simsol and Claimswire

With Simsol, you can directly download your Claimswire claims to your Simsol Program, then create your estimates, attach forms, and send that information directly back to Claimswire within a click of a few buttons. 

To get started, you must first have a Claimswire account created by your Company. Once you have this information, open your Simsol program to the Claims Grid. 

Select the 'Maintain' tab at the top of the program. Then, click the 'Preferences' button to open the System Preferences window. 


From here, highlight 'Claimswire' from the User Preferences List. Then, enter your Username and Password for Claimswire on the right. 

The URL section should be defaulted to what is shown below. If this does not match, please change it the correct URL. 

After you have entered this information, 

please make sure that everything is correct. 

Then, click the 'Done' button in the top right to finalize the entry.

Now, Simsol and Claimswire are linked. Close the Simsol program, and then reopen it to launch the Claimswire Upload Tool. This will be located either in the hidden icons section, or on the Taskbar, as shown below. 


Watch our video tutorial for Setting Up ClaimsWire in Simsol on YouTube >