Changing a Claimswire Password

If you are ever need to change your Claimswire password, it can be easily done at

Logging Into Claimswire

To do this, first, open the Simsol Program to the Claims Grid. 

Then, click the Claimswire Status icon to the top left of the program. 

You will see an Informational Message, please read the prompt and click OK when complete. This will open your web browser to Claimswire. 

*Note: You can navigate to without using the Simsol program to do so.


On the right, use your current Username and Password to login to Claimswire.

How to Change the Password

Once you have logged in, click on the 'My Profile Tab'.

In the top left, click the text link for 'Change Password'.

Enter your Current Password, New Password, and confirmation of the New Password. Click the Change Password button to change your Claimswire password.

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