Claimswire Preferences

With Claimswire, you have the ability to set packet status notifications for different forms, reports, and activities within a claim. Below, we will discuss how to navigate to, and set up your Notification Preferences in Claimswire for Adjusters.

*Note: your Company may override these settings.

Logging Into Claimswire

To do this, first, open the Simsol Program to the Claims Grid. 

Then, click the Claimswire Status icon to the top left of the program. 

You will see an Informational Message, please read the prompt and click OK when complete. This will open your web browser to Claimswire. 

*Note: You can navigate to without using the Simsol program to do so.


On the right, use your current Username and Password to login to Claimswire.

How to Update Preferences

Once you have logged in, click on the 'My Profile' Tab.

In the top left, click the text link for 'Preferences'.

You should now see the Employee Preferences screen. Here you can update what email notifications you want to receive for which packet types. The rows of the table represent the packet type, and the columns in the table represent what period in the claim's life you should receive the notification. 

For example, in the figure below we see the checkbox corresponding with the 'Advance Payment Request' and 'Completed' is checked. This means that when the Advance Payment Request is accepted, marked Complete, you will be notified VIA email. 

Check the boxes that you want to receive notifications for. Remember, your Company may override these settings, so you may not receive certain notifications and also may receive notifications you have not subscribed to. Once you've completed this, make sure to scroll down and click the 'Update preferences' button to save the changes. 

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