You may end up printing the same items, in the same order, multiple times. To make that process easier, you can create a Print Group Template. Print Group Templates allow you to save the order that items print in, so that the next time you print you can recall each of those items in one click.

To save a Print Group Template, first open the print screen by clicking the Print button at the top of the screen. 

Once you've brought over the items into the Selected Print Item section, and ordered them into the order you prefer, click the New button in the Print Group Templates section in the lower left. You'll be asked to name the Print Template, after which you will see it in the list of templates in the lower left.

After the template has been created, you can double click it at any time to bring the stored items into any future claim. If you ever need to change, or add to, the template you can highlight the template in the list and click the store button. This will override your original template with your current selected print items.