Initial Setup

Once you have connected your Claimswire account and Simsol program, and you have a claim that has been assigned to you, you are ready to import the claim into Simsol .

Claimswire Upload Tool

To begin the import, we must first locate the Claimswire Upload Tool. The tool can be found by looking toward the bottom right of the taskbar. It also may be located in the Hidden Icons section of the taskbar. 

By default, the Claimswire Upload Tool has a globe icon,, but when new claims are available for download it shows as a pair of eyes,. Locate the Claimswire Upload Tool and right click on it. You will see a menu pop up listing the different options: 'Import New Claims', 'Upload Claim Data', 'Settings', 'Shutdown'.

Importing a Claim 

Click on 'Import New Claims' to start the process. The Claimswire Import window will open. Then, you will see any claims available for download populate on the screen. 

Under 'Status', you will see Accept by default. From this drop down list, you may also select to Reject or Wait on an assignment. 

Choosing Accept will accept the claim from your Adjusting Company and download it to Simsol.

Choosing Reject will reject the claim from your Adjusting Company, and will not download the claim to Simsol.

Choosing Waiting will neither accept, reject, or download the claim, rather it will wait until you choose a different option. 

Make sure to set the drop down list to Accept for the claims you are looking to download. Under Step 2, you will see the Import Drawer selected. By default, this will be the Inbox System Drawer, but you may change it to one of your User Drawers by selecting the drop down list. Once you have these settings selected, click Import in the bottom right to bring the claim into your selected import drawer. 

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