If you have a Flood Certification Number Card, or your FCN card, that needs to be attached to each claim file, you may want to make sure you have it created in a way that it can easily be added.

Option 1 - Generating a PDF of your FCN card. This can be done by scanning your card in and saving the document as a PDF. Check with your scanner’s manufacturer on how to do this. Once saved as a PDF, you can attach it to your claims under ‘Attachments’.

Option 2 - Saving the FCN card as an image file, then creating a Report Template within Simsol for it. To do this, go to Maintain -> Template Reports -> New. You’ll give the report a name (e.g. FCN Card 2018), then hit ‘Ok’. You’ll be brought into your Reporter Templates window. Select the ‘Insert Graphics’ button, then choose the image file of your card. Select the ‘Save’ icon when complete. This will allow you to pull this report into any claim.