There are a few different ways that a company can provide their customers a Report Template. The best and most commonly used method for a company is to include the report in a SFZ file. For more information on how to unarchive an SFZ file, see the following article: How to Unarchive a Simsol File

Once you have unarchived the claim within Simsol, go into the claim, navigate to the Reports section, and select the report that you wish to save. At the top of the report will be a Save as Template Report button. This button will look like a piece of paper with a 'T' in front.

When you click this button it will ask you to select a Template Report Group. Select the group that you wish to save the template to and click 'Ok' in the upper right. 

This will save the report to that group and allow you to load the template into any future claim.