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The Claimswire Manual Upload Process

With Claimswire, you have the ability to upload claims directly to the source. If you are using a different estimating system than Simsol, or just away from your Simsol computer, you can still upload packets to be sent to your company. A manual upload to Claimswire refers to this aforementioned process.

Uploading Claims to Claimswire via Manual Upload

To begin the manual upload process, you must first download a PDF copy of the packet you want to send. Use your Estimating Software to print out the PDF and save it to a known location on your computer. From here, log in at Select the 'My Claims' tab located in the top menu bar and then select the 'View' link on the claim you would like to upload as shown below:

From here you'll be able to select the 'New Packet' link located under the 'Uploaded Packets' section of your Claim Information page.

 On the Packet Upload page you'll want to select the Packet Type in the menu header like shown below (In this example, we're uploading an Advanced Payment Request):

Click 'Choose File' to select the claim file PDF or Archive you have saved on your computer, give it a short description and any long description you may need, fille out all required fields (*) and then select the 'Add Packet' button in the bottom right-hand corner. Do not close out of this page while the file is uploading.

Once uploaded, you'll now see the Uploaded Packet under the Uploaded Packets section of your Claim Information Page:

You're all set! Now your claim is attached to the Claimswire system and your examiner/claims manager will be able to review your file.

Watch our video tutorial on How to Upload Claims Manually on YouTube >