Creating Supplements

In creating the supplement estimate, the adjuster/contractor must determine the best way to present the estimate for Adding, Deleting and Editing an Item to the estimate. Simsol uses it's Estimate Break Out Feature to create a supplement that is highly versatile. 

*Note: Please refer to your supervisor for the preferred method of Supplement. Simsol has multiple ways a supplement can be handled, and certain companies have particular policies.

Turning on the Break Out Function

1. Make a copy the original claim as a back-up until the supplement is completed to the adjuster/contractor specifications.

2. Open the claim.

3. Select the Building Info/Building Estimate Screen

4. Select the 'Break Out Items' Check Box

5. Select the Down Arrow from the Drop Box and Select 'Supplement' This will now turn on and track all new and edit modifications for the supplement.

6. Once the Break Out Function has been activated all new items or edit items will be placed in the Supplement Estimate section for Option 1 -Negation.

7. Select ‘Scope of Damage’ from the Claims Enclosure Tree in which the Area Listing Screen is then displayed.

Now that our supplement is set to Wind Mode, we are ready to add supplemental quantities. As previously mentioned, refer to your manager/examiner for the proper way to present a supplement for your company. Once you have that information, Read our Supplements Guide to learn how to properly add, remove, and change line items in your supplement. 

or watch our video tutorial for Creating a Supplement (Wind) on YouTube >