*Note: Please refer to your supervisor for the preferred method of Supplement. Simsol has multiple ways a supplement can be handled, and certain companies have particular policies.

Read our Supplements Guide to learn how to properly add, remove, and change line items in your supplement. 

Watch our video tutorial for Creating a Supplement (Flood) >

In creating the supplement estimate, the adjuster/contractor must determine the best way to present the estimate for Adding, Deleting and Editing an Item to the estimate. 

1. To begin writing a Flood Supplement, navigate back to your Claims Grid.

2. Highlight the original claim file and select the 'Copy' button from the Home Menu.

3. Enter in the Claim # -S ('S' signifies 'Supplement', if your company uses a different format, feel free to use that) and select 'Ok'. If you're using Claimswire, your Claimswire Upload information will be duplicated in the copy.

4. A complete copy of your original claim will be created. You can now delete out the unnecessary data from the supplement copy and write your supplemental items.

For a more thorough explanation, check out our Webinar Clip on Writing Flood Supplements.