Contractor Settings

Certain preferences within Simsol can be set to better represent a Contractor's estimate. In this tutorial, we will change the Header and Sign Off to reflect the Contractor's information.

To begin, make sure you open your Simsol program to the Claims Grid. 

Select the 'Maintain' tab at the top of the program. Then, click the 'Preferences' button to open the System Preferences window. 

Changing the Header

In the User Preferences List, select 'Header'. 

Under Standard Header Options, select 'Contractor' from the drop down list. For Print '"Estimator Instead of "Adjuster"', select Yes. Do the same for Use '"Remodeler Header" Format'.

Your Header is now set up to display the Contractor Address, print Estimator instead of Adjuster, and use a header format that is geared more for Contractors. 

Changing the Sign-Off

In the User Preference List, select 'Sign-Off'.

Change the Address to 'Contractor'. This will display the Contractor's address in Sign-Off sections. 

As a contractor, you may also want to change the naming convention for the Signature/Sign Off Lines.

Now that this is complete, you are set up and ready to begin using Simsol as a Contractor.