The transfer process allows you to still keep the old files on your old computer as a backup (provided the Simsol directory is not deleted), but will transfer over all claims, preferences, and settings over to the new computer.

Transferring Simsol is easy, but it may take a little time to do so depending on the number of claims you have inside of your program. To get started, you'll want to have an external hard-drive or USB stick handy.

  1. Shut Simsol down and plug in an external drive (i.e. USB drive) to your old computer 
  2. Navigate to your computer's C drive and locate the Simsol folder 
    1. Note: the Simsol folder contains all of your data - be sure to leave this folder on the old computer until your files are fully moved and registered on the new device)
  3. Right-click on the Simsol folder and select 'Copy' 
  4. Open your USB drive and right click to select 'Paste'. Let this process completely copy over 
  5. Once the Simsol folder is on the USB drive unplug the stick and plug it into the new computer 
  6. Copy and paste the Simsol folder from the USB drive to the C drive of your new computer 
  7. Once the folder is on the C drive, unplug the USB drive from the computer 
  8. You'll then save and run these two downloads in this order: 1.  BDE install  2. Simsol Update
  9. Once the installs have completed, you'll find the Simsol icon on your desktop. Click to open. 
  10. Finally, you'll just need to transfer over your license. To do so, contact our registration team at 1(800)447-4676 x2.