Sometimes you may need to increase all Simsol pricing by a percentage - whether it just be by 10-15% to reflect a particular claim or if you're needing to work a catastrophe where pricing is inevitably going to need to be higher. 

For a catastrophe situations, we highly recommend taking into consideration the National Construction Estimator's (NCE), where Simsol sources it's main pricing from, suggests increasing pricing anywhere from 25-50%. 

From their 2020 Book:

"Add 25% to 50% for work done following a major flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado while skilled tradesmen are not readily available. Material costs may also be higher after a major disaster”

So how do I increase Simsol Pricing?

We suggest utilizing our Location Mark-Up Factor Feature. To turn this feature on, navigate to your Claims Grid and select the 'Maintain' Tab. Under Maintain you'll find 'Preferences'.

In the window that appears you'll find an option for 'Enable Location Factor Mark-Up'. You'll want to make sure this box is checked.

Select 'Done' to save your preferences. You will now have the option to mark-up pricing on your drawers or your individual claims.


To Mark-Up Pricing on Drawers:

Navigate to your claim grid. Right click on the drawer you would like to change and select 'Drawer Properties'. 

In here you'll be able to select the 'Building Factors' button for the Building Estimate. 

You'll want to first have the correct zip code for the claims you'll be working entered. You'll then see a column to your right that is labeled 'Mark-Up'. Enter the correct percentage of increase here.

Please keep in mind - changes to drawer properties will not reflect retro-actively. You want to be sure to set these drawer preferences prior to writing your claims.


To Mark-Up Pricing on Claims:

Open the claim you would like to increase pricing on. Select 'Building Estimate' in your Claim Enclosure Tree.

Select the 'Location' button to open your Location Factors:

With the correct zip code entered, you can then add the Mark-Up in the appropriate column.

Your pricing will now be increased by the percentage given. This method is retro-active so any changes made will reflect your already-entered claim totals for this claim.