With Simsol, you're able to copy areas, roofs, and elevations from claim to claim or from Building Estimate to Appurtenant Structure (APS) Estimate and vice versa.* This can save time estimating structures that are similar, estimates with similar line items, or if an estimate is accidentally created in the wrong claim/estimate type.

To begin you'll want to be sure you're in the claim that has the estimate you're wanting to copy.

Select the 'Scope of Damage' to view your areas.

Right click on the area you would like to copy, and select 'Copy to Another Estimate'. If you're wanting to copy multiple areas at once, we suggest creating a group of your areas, and then right click on the group and select 'Copy to Another Estimate'. You can read about grouping here: How to Group Areas in Estimates.

(copying a single area)


(copying a group of areas)

Once you've selecting 'Copy to Another Estimate' you can now navigate to the Scope of Damage that you would like these areas to be copied to.

Right-click in the white area of the Scope of Damage and select 'Paste from Another Estimate'.

The area and area information will then be copied

If you're grouping your items, you'll want to double-click on your group to reveal your areas inside.

You're all set! From here you can change the dimensions of your areas, adjust line items, or simply leave it as is.

*Areas, elevations, and elevations can only be copied if the Database and Pricing Tables for both estimates or claims are the same.