While we always recommend using our regularly updated pricing tables for accuracy, we do provide a method to create your own pricing table with different prices and line item descriptions. If you're utilizing this feature and would like to share your pricing table with another user, follow the steps below and share this article with them so they're able to bring it into their own copy of Simsol.

Step 1: Archiving a Pricing Table

Navigate to 'Manage' -> 'Archive a Price Table'

Select Browse(1) to give the archive a file name as well as a location and select 'Save'. Make sure the correct Database and Pricing Table are selected (2) and then select 'Archive'(3). When the archive process has completed, select 'Done'.

If this process was successful, you'll find a file with the file name you've given it with the extension .GMT. You can now send this file via email, cloud-based storage, or a flash drive to the other Simsol user.

Step 2: Unarchiving a Pricing Table

To unarchive a pricing table from another Simsol user, navigate to 'Manage' -> 'Unarchive Price Table'

Select 'Browse'(1) and find the location and the file that has been sent to you. Select 'Unarchive'(2). Once the unarchive process has completed, select 'Done'(3). You will now be able to apply that pricing table to any claim using the Database it was created on (i.e. Simsol's Complete Building Repair Registry or Commercial/Residential).