If you're looking to find out the next time you'll need to renew your Simsol License, the first thing you need to do is determine if you're using a MySimsol Online License or if you pay by calling into our Offices.

If you pay online:

You'll want to log into your MySimsol.com account and navigate to your Licenses Tab:

Here you'll be able to select your license and see at a quick glance how many days you have left as well as the day your license will expire:

If you need to renew, simply select the 'Extend License' Button

If you pay over the phone:

Open Simsol and select the 'Help' tab then select the 'System Unlock' button:

Select 'Continue to Corporate License:

In the bottom left-hand corner of this screen, you'll find your Expiration Date:

If you need to renew this license, please give our offices a call at 1(800) 447-4676 x300 weekdays from 9am-5:30pm EST