Closing Claims

Closing a Claim in Simsol is simple. First, navigate and open the claim you want to close. From here, go to the 'Loss Information' section of the Claim Enclosures Tree on the left. 

From the row of buttons at the top of the Loss Information section, click on the Milestones button. 

Enter the date that the claim was closed in the 'Date Closed' field and click 'Done' in the top right. The claim is now closed, but will remain editable. A lock will show under 'Status' in the Claims Grid to denote a closed status. This is the recommended way to close a claim.

*NOTE* It is not recommended for you to ever use the 'Close' button on the Home Tab. This button will effectively lock the claim and you will not be able to make any changes to the Line Items, or Scope of Damage.