First you will need to open the logo in Microsoft's Paint program. You can do this by right clicking the logo, selecting 'Open With', and then choosing Paint. Once the program has been opened in paint, you will need to select the image by holding Ctrl on your keyboard, and then pressing 'A' at the same time. You'll know the image is selected when it is surrounded by a blue and white dotted line.

First, select the 'Resize' button

You will see two values representing the length and width of the image. Change the larger of these two value to 300 (optimal Simsol Sizing), making sure the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' checkbox is checked, and then click 'OK'. This will resize the image to the appropriate size.

Lastly, we need to save the file as a Bitmap (or .BMP) image. To do this, click on File in the upper left. From here hover your mouse over the save as button, and it will display a number of file types that you can choose from. Select BMP picture, and then save the file.

Once finished, you'll be able to import your Claim Logo into your Simsol Preferences Screen to show on your Simsol Claims.