How to Manually Back Up Claims Using Simdrive

**Please note Simdrive will automatically back-up your claims for you, you do not need to manually back-up claim data**

In the lower right hand corner of your screen you'll see the Simdrive icon. Right click on that icon to bring up a menu of options. In that menu, select 'Open Simdrive'.

This will open a pop-up window for Simdrive. The first tab on the left hand side will be the BackUp tab. This tab will have a drop down list displaying all of your current drawers, and a list of claims in the selected drawer. In order to manually back up a particular claim, select the drawer that contains the claim from the drop down list. Then, highlight the claim in the list. Once the claim is highlighted, click the 'Manual Claim Backup' button at the bottom. Be aware that this shouldn't be necessary, as Simdrive will regularly back up all of your claims to the cloud without any the need for a manual backup.

How to Restore Claims Using Simdrive

Once the claim has been backed up to the cloud, you can go to the Restore tab on the left to see a list of all backed up claims within Simsdrive. You can use the Filter section to narrow down which claims are visible, and more easily find the claim you are searching for in the list.