Restoring Previous Claim Backup

Restoring claim data that you've previously backed up via Simdrive is easy! 

*NOTE: Prior to restoring claims you must link your Google Drive account with Simdrive. If you haven't done this yet, please follow the instructions for Installing Simdrive

First, find the Simdrive Utility in the 'Hidden Icons' section of your taskbar. 

Double-click on the Simdrive Icon to open it.

On the left, click on 'Restore'.

There will now be a list of all of your claim backups. You may search this list using the Filter section at the top of the window, you can also use a shift or control click to select multiple claims to restore. 

Once you've selected the claim(s) you want to restore, choose the drawer you want to import them into from the drop-down list at the bottom of the window.

Click 'Restore Selected Claims' to restore the claims from your Google Drive to your selected drawer in Simsol.